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We Believe in Quality Care

Silverline professional caregivers provide elderly care within comforts of home


Your Well-Being is Our Priority

An elite team of caregiving professionals is handpicked to ensure that you will always be well-cared for within the safety and comforts of your home. Whether you’re looking for someone to clean your house, or simply just someone to chat with, you can easily choose from our range of service offerings whenever you need.

Available soon in 2016 (Singapore).


A Marketplace for All Your Needs


No matter the time and location, a care team is always on standby to assist you with any emergency when your family and caregivers are unavailable.


Warm and friendly visitation and calling services to keep you company, and ensure peace of mind for your family and caregivers.


Trusted help with household needs to keep your living environment spick and span.


Specialized professionals to take care of your personal hygiene, making sure you are always looking your best.


Get to your destinations safely and quickly.


Food trucks are readily deployed to deliver the groceries you need to your home.


Emergency Support

Meet Sylvia. She is a 70 year old lady living on her own, and she is experiencing difficulty breathing late one night. Sylvia presses the emergency button and a call is triggered to confirm with her if immediate help is needed. Alerts have been sent to her family and caregivers to inform them of the situation. However, there is no response from any of them. Our team of caregiving professionals is thus deployed to assist Sylvia and ascertain her condition. National emergency helpline is contacted when deemed necessary. Receive round-the-clock help in a snap – that is our promise to you.