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Silverline in the Home

For a Healthier, Safer, and More Connected Life

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Fits Seamlessly

Silverline’s flexibility lets you tailor the system to meet your needs. You can carry out your daily activities without any disruption as our sensors work diligently behind-the-scenes.

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Timely Notifications

Immediate alerts are sent to your family and caregivers to keep them in the loop on how you and your environment are doing.

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Peace of Mind

With a ready base of approved caregivers to count on day or night, you and your loved ones can put your minds at ease that you will be well-attended to.

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Fuss-free setup

Home installation can be completed in less than 45 minutes. Download the mobile apps for free and you are ready to begin your Silverline journey.


    Silverline’s smart home sensor system is a simple yet sophisticated approach to home care. Installation is quick and we are here to advise you on where to best place your sensors. With minimal maintenance and strategic communication, you can simply go about your usual activities and let our sensors do the work.


    No matter when or where your loved ones are, staying updated on your well-being and the environment at home becomes a breeze with our mobile apps. Silverline’s network of sensors, hub, and the cloud are constantly communicating to ensure that your loved ones are readily informed of important alerts whenever an issue arises.


    Make the most out of the information collected from our sensors and get a comprehensive picture of the people in your care. Silverline allows your family and caregivers to dive into each day’s headlines through our dashboard, and sort out what deserves attention. The little things that go unnoticed often matter, and Silverline ensures that none of that information gets left out.


    An elite team of caregiving professionals is handpicked to ensure that you will always be well-cared for within the safety and comforts of your home. Whether you’re looking for someone to clean your house, or simply just someone to chat with, you can easily choose from our range of service offerings whenever you need.