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The Change We Bring

We often worry about our loved ones, and that is inevitable. Peace of mind comes from having the information you want when you want it. This is the guiding principle behind our work, and it reinforces our belief that smart technology should work for you, putting you in control and giving you access to the information you need.

That’s why we are committed to developing an all-encompassing solution that safeguards, empowers, and connects people across distance. We are here to make the home a safer place by keeping Older Adults and their families aware on all the information required to make smart decisions when something is amiss, and helping them feel connected when everything is going right.

Meet the Team

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Join Our Team

Headquartered in Singapore, Silverline is made up of dynamic individuals who are experts in the fields of engineering, design, analytics, development and more. We are unified by the common vision that doing good is good business. Want to join us?

Want to join us?

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How Silverline Started

Many of us within the Silverline team have had the experience of a parent or grandparent being alone at home where a life threatening accident or health incident took place and no one was around to help. We all feel guilty because the demands of modern work life often make it difficult to be there for our loved ones.

Silverline was thus born to help and provide affordable services and much needed peace of mind for Older Adults, their families, and the local community.

In March of 2013, Silverline launched a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to further support our application development and charitable programme, Project Silverline. The amount raised surpassed our initial goal of USD 50,000, and it was a new high for Singapore’s crowdfunding scene at that time. The success of this campaign, the resulting media recognition and global awards helped validate our efforts and motivated us to work harder to get Silverline to where it is today.

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Our Promise

We want to give back to charitable organizations, such as Lions Befrienders and Willing Hearts that helped us pave the way in our early days. These organizations have worked alongside us and provided us with valuable access and useful insights to fine-tune Silverline into a solution that will meet people’s needs.

As part of our charity program, we will provide our products and services at no cost to organizations that care for isolated and under-served Older Adults. We hope for every hundred Silverline in the Home customers, we can help at least five other Older Adults in real need. This way, everyone can stand to benefit from our work. It is our way to say thank you.